Life Cycle (trailer)

Life Cycle-4 (series)


Griffin Christensen in collaboration with Thomas Zanz.

Performance: Thomas Zanz

HD video, color, sound, 5:28 minutes.



The progression of life and life.  The Life Cycle film begins with a childhood bright, pure, peaceful  and innocent, almost like a dream. It then overlaps into midlife where we witness a performance by Thomas Zanz annihilating  both a baby blue and pink painting.  From there it overlaps into old age where we once again find peace. Then death. This progression through the life stages takes 4:26 minutes. 

The life stages segment is directly followed by a 30 second spot.  Now these 30 second spots; these are what makes life... life.  They are the memorable things, good or bad.   The subject matter can be exciting, commercial, funny, sexy, serious, nonsensical just to name a few of the 29 different spots.   

So the film is structured into the two parts;  the same life stages segment plays 29 times with a 30 second spot between each one.  Playing the same life stages segment repeatedly demonstrates when life becomes monotonous, ordinary, and dull. But, with the 30 second spots brings excitement, hope, and anticipation for something extraordinary.

Please watch the trailer where you will see the life stages segment followed by an eclectic compilation from some of the 30 second spots.


For more details, please check back for future blog and for now watch the film "Life Cycle"

Trailer: 5:28 minutes.

Full-length film: 131:26 minutes.

A Ready-Go (30 second demo)

Milky White - 28 (series)


HD video, color, sound, 30 seconds.

A Ready-Go: Includes custom display/shipping/storage case.

In this example, a FedEx Large Box is used. (You can also use other carriers such as U.P.S., all  the carrier's standard large shipping boxes have the same dimensions).  With FedEx's OneRate shipping, you can ship a Milky White-28 anywhere in the U.S. for only $19.95.


Milky Dangerous  2-2, 6-28 

acrylic on black linen framed

15 3/16 x 11 13/16 x 2 1/2 in

38.58 x 30 x 6.35 cm

case (In this video, the case cover is not completed;the final product is burnished).

17 5/16 x 12 5/16 x 2 7/8 in

43.97 x 31.27 x 7.30

Inside Studio ZanZ

38 second demo (splatter, color form, folp)

Life Cycle-4 (detail, 40 second performance)

Life Cycle-4 (series)

Life Cycle


Griffin Christensen in collaboration with Thomas Zanz.

Performance: Thomas Zanz

HD video, color, sound, 40 seconds.


For more information, please watch the film Life Cycle:

131:26 min: full-length film

5:28 min: trailer 

Thomas Zanz: 14 second artist statement.

If listened to closely, very important information is revealed.