Happy Places-44 (Color map)  Happy Places-44 (series)

Happy Places-44 (Color map) Happy Places-44 (series)


44 individual paintings

Acrylic on white linen mounted over handmade wood stretcher, framed.

12 5/8 x 17 3/4 x 2 1/2 in

32 x 44 x 6.35 cm.

Each of the 44 paintings have their own case so you can bring the happiness wherever your travels take you.


Complete Installation Painting

59 1/2 in x 255 1/4 in x 2 1/2 in

151.13 x 648.34 x 6.35 cm

"Happy Places-44" is a series of 44 very happy paintings. All are of identical size.  When the entire series is displayed together or in groupings, it is referred to as "The Wall of Happiness ".

It is a color chart study consisting of 11 columns and 4 rows. Each column is a study of an individual color.

As the paintings are disbursed, they create happy places.

The Best Religion-7

The Best Religion-7


Installation painting

7 individual paintings hung in a drooping right pattern, acrylic & oil on canvas or linen framed, installation view.

51 in x 12 ft & 2  5/8 in x 2 1/2 in

129.54 cm x  372.43 cm x 6.35 cm

A religious installation painting. Each individual painting has a  word phrase in the lower section of the linen.  Moving left to right they say: "Earth is the best planet to live on,"  "Christianity is the best religion,"  Islam is the best religion,"  "No religion is the best religion,"  Your religion is the best religion,"  "My religion is the best religion," and written upside-down "Terrorism is the best religion." 

The Christianity painting has "Catholic vs Protestant" and the Islam painting has "Sunni vs Shia" written on the bottom face of the frame. Each painting has "Enlightenment" written on the top face of the frame, except the Earth and No Religion paintings.

Please refer to future blog for more details.




Installation painting

9 individual paintings overlapping hung in an elliptical pattern, acrylic and oil on white linen framed, installation view.

55 7/16 in x 27 ft  x 5 in

140.81 cm x 680.56 cm x 12.7 cm

 Sound: Autour De Lucie, Faux Movement, 2001, 50-minute 12-second loop @ 40 decibels (same sound level as small raindrops). 

Click here to listen to two sample sound tracks.

Hardware for sound ("A Beautiful Nude 7-9"): Apple iPod Nano (insertable), two speakers, speaker cable, USB cable, USB power adapter, wood, hanging wire, various fasteners.

Hardware for video ("A Beautiful Film 2-9"):  LG-26" LED HDTV, Sony blu-ray DVD player, surge protector, HDMI cable, TV & DVD remote controls, aluminum bars, wood, hanging wire, various fasteners.


This installation painting is displayed in an arch like the sun moving across the sky from sunrise to sunset.

For more information please refer to the  future blog.




Installation painting

10 individual paintings overlapping hung in a rolling/wavy pattern, acrylic & oil on peasant linen framed,  installation view

44 1/8 in x 21 ft 10 in x 5 in

112.08 x 665.48 x 12.70 cm


Exploration in movement. Please begin by reading the word phrases from left to right. Please note the somersaulting effect. Now read from right to left.

Each individual painting is constructed with a slant on all four interior sides. Please look for the pink on the edge of the linen. This not only creates a distorted look,  but also contributes to the somersaulting movement.

Please note the trajectory  pattern of the color forms.

For more detail on this piece, please refer to the future blog.

Life Cycle-4

Life Cycle-4


Installation painting

4 individual paintings overlapping, acrylic and oil on linen or canvas framed, HD video, charcoal on newsprint under glass, installation view

54 9/16 x 110 1/4 x 2 1/2 in

138.59 x 280 x 6.35 cm 

Film:  Life Cycle, 2013, Griffin Christensen collaboration with ZanZ, HD video, 131-minute loop, color, sound, a performance by Thomas ZanZ.

Please click here for film trailer.

Drawing:  Melancholy Man, 1985, Thomas Christensen (Thomas ZanZ),  charcoal on newsprint under glass.

18 x 22 5/8 in         45.72 x 57.47 cm

Hardware (Life Cycle 4-4 Death):  LG-26" LED HDTV, Sony Blu-ray DVD player, Nielsen Metal frame, surge protector, HDMI cable, foamboard, TV & DVD remote controls, aluminum bars, wood, hanging wire, various fasteners.



Stages of life; childhood, midlife, old age, and death. The looping film integrated into the upper right corner reveals insights into the paintings and charcoal drawing.

The film also explores ordinary day to day life interrupted by extraordinary moments of good and bad, excitement, comedy, seriousness, arousal, and some plain old nonsence.

Please watch the entire trailer to get a feel. 

The charcoal drawing of the old man with a Soviet Union and American flag draped over his head is placed directly below the looping film. The film represents his thoughts and reflections at death. 


More information will follow on the future blog.




Installation painting

7 individual paintings overlapping hung in a slight upside-down V pattern, acrylic & oil on canvas framed, installation view.

47 7/16 in x 16 ft 4 3/8 in x 5 in

120.49 cm x 498.79 x 12.7 cm



The division of brain activities.

The left brain paintings are made of horizontal lists; black and white numbers, international currency symbols, and a colorful alphabet. Secondary words "trust and confidence" are in the money painting and "hope and communicate" in the alphabet painting.

Two of the right brain paintings have dual meanings; love/hate and life/sex.  The creativity painting is a raw canvas without any color form.

More information to follow on a future blog.